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Miles Macadam has signed up to five green pledges as part of a campaign recently launched by Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA).

A Climate Emergency was declared by the Council in May 2019, with a plan for Cheshire West and Chester to become carbon neutral as a borough by 2045. The Green Pledges campaign encourages individuals and organisations to sign up to pledges, change their behaviours and create a greener and cleaner environment for all.

Miles Macadam has been operating since 1970 and gained a reputation as a market leader in the manufacturing and installation of advanced grouted macadam systems. It is also a carbon neutral surfacing company, the first of its kind in the UK.

As part of the campaign, Miles Macadam has signed up to the following green pledges.

  • Flying – a commitment to reduce personal and business air flights
  • Car emissions – reduce personal or business mileage or change to electric vehicles
  • Reuse and recycle – increase your reuse and recycling of resources
  • Meat and dairy – reduce weekly meat and dairy consumption as an individual and/or organisation
  • Protecting our trees – a commitment to planting and maintaining more trees

Miles Macadam is already putting in place a number of actions to help create a greener and cleaner environment, such as Meatless Mondays to encourage individuals to reduce their meat intake, reducing car usage by rotating working from home, a bike-to-work scheme and encouraging greater use of the recycle bins in the office.

Other more personal pledges include maintaining the vision to be a carbon neutral organisation through a verified carbon standard (VCS) offsetting scheme, using fundraising opportunities both in and outside the business to encourage reduced emissions. A cycling fundraiser is currently being set up for the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) that will not only raise money for charity, but it will also encourage staff to cycle rather than use a car.

Andrew Scorer, Director of Miles Macadam, said: “Our carbon emissions are assessed each year and we look to make significant reductions year on year. 

“We offer carbon neutral surfacing schemes to our clients and offset by supporting local tree planting schemes, which are matched by us supporting similar schemes in developing countries. 

“We’ve also made our pledges more personal to help us all at Miles Macadam play a greater part in slowing climate change.”

Any organisations or individuals are welcome to sign up to CWVA’s Green Pledges campaign and make personal pledges they’re comfortable with.

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