Mental Health Alliance

- Connecting organisations to promote good mental health

Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) is hosting a Mental Health Alliance and acting as a key point of contact for the community sector around mental health.

Andrew Herbert is our Mental Health Strategic Lead and works closely with community sector organisations in the mental health field.

The Mental Health Alliance connects with a wide range of groups across different sectors, focusing particularly on the NHS Transformation programme.

With many services in other sectors currently under great pressure, this is leading to rising demand and levels of need for the community sector.

Through the Mental Health Alliance, we can make a vital contribution to mental health work across all age groups, but we want to focus on what we do well, such as:

  • services that are local, build relationships and help empower people through a holistic approach
  • work that tackles inequalities by reaching out to those often excluded from mainstream support.

Membership of the Mental Health Alliance is wide ranging, covering all ages, organisations that focus entirely on mental health and various specialist bodies, but we’re still reaching out to extend our membership and welcome further interest through CWVA.

We’re interested to hear from any community organisations active in the mental health field in any way and we’re keen to reach out to under-represented groups, particularly faith organisations, outdoor wellbeing projects and supported living providers.

Anyone can receive a Mental Health ebulletin to keep up-to-date about this area of work, while Mental Health Alliance members can access a Slack channel to engage with others about mental health.

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