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Do Well Do Good (DWDG) and its Co-Founder Colin Williams have been providing invaluable support to charities through Cheshire West Voluntary Action’s (CWVA) SkillShare project.

By joining SkillShare, business people and their organisations can support local charities and community groups, offering their time to help them learn new skills.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, SkillShare has continued as normal and the support businesses have offered charities and community groups has been pivotal.

DWDG’s approach is to select and partner with businesses that want to get on and grow, helping them reach their true potential. Colin and his business partner Rob Crossland have a track record of founding and running their own successful businesses.

Not only has DWDG helped a number of different charities recently with its knowledge and skills, but it also made a kind cash donation to Kids Bank, one of CWVA’s members.

Colin said: “You can do some really positive social work and still be a successful business. We like to help organisations do that.

“Volunteering is part of everyday life. Giving is the same as taking. We’re all a society and we’re all connected. We all need to muck in and make sure those connections work.

“We make a profit and we invest in entrepreneurs. We like to help and develop other organisations.

“Money is one way of solving things and some people argue against it. Knowledge and the right skills can often mean a lot more.

“Working with organisations, it’s really important to build sustainability in the long term and help them reduce the extent they depend on others.

“It’s essential to intervene and support in the right way. As I put it, if you have a £1, then spend 99p deciding where best to spend the penny.

“Giving to the right people at the right time is so important. Joanne at CWVA helps make sure you have the right person in the right place at the right time through the SkillShare project.”

In the 2019-20 financial year, CWVA recruited 114 new SkillShare partners in total, making many successful matches in the process that made a real difference to local charities and community groups.

If you’d like to get involved with SkillShare and receive support from business people, please email: Any businesses that would like to join SkillShare can also get in touch on the same email address.

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