Mike Stanton - Website and Database Officer

Mike serves as the Website and Database Officer, overseeing specific sections of the new website such as job vacancies, funding, and training. He also helps maintain CWVA’s social media prescence and databases.

He enjoys building relationships and helping others. Mike feels there is nothing more rewarding than forming a long-lasting and valuable relationship with members and colleagues, helping them find solutions to problems. For Mike, to feel you are really making a difference and helping amazing and dedicated people is hugely rewarding and very humbling.

Mike is a music obsessive, produces and presents his own music show and podcast, and writes about music for several magazines and publications. He supports Liverpool Football Club, loves cricket (both watching and playing), enjoys reading, fine wine, playing video games, movies, restaurants, and likes cats. Mike listens to Boards of Canada, Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, and underground electronic music keeps him happy and centred.

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